President Gül paid a domestic visit to the city of Giresun. On his way to Giresun, the President visited the county of Bulancak and addressed the people of the county. Expressing his happiness that he is the first president in 38 years to visit Giresun, President Gül also paid a visit to the Hazelnut Research Center, Giresun University and the garrison command and met with leading citizens of the city at lunch.

Proceeding to the city of Giresun after completing his program in Ordu, President Gül dropped by the county of Bulancak, where he was welcomed by Governor Hasan Karahan and citizens.


Enjoying great enthusiasm from the people of Bulancak, President Gül inspected the ongoing construction works of Sarayburnu Mosque.


The President later visited the city of Giresun, where he addressed the citizens waiting for him in front of the Governorate. Sharing his happiness to visit the city, he extended his thanks to the people of Giresun for their great interest. “We are proud to see the ongoing construction works of an airport on the sea. One of the greatest projects in the world is being carried out. Long-waited services are coming to your feet now. This is the raison d’étre of the state. You all deserve the best. We are all working night and day for you all and to leave a better Turkey to the next generations.”

President Gül said he wanted to visit all the cities in the country before his term office ended and expressed his happiness to pay the first Presidential visit in 38 years to the city of Giresun. The President later chatted with the citizens in traditional dress. They gave the President a hand made kemancha with a rose engraving on both sides of it.

Ordu-Giresun Airport, the President said, is a quintessential work like the Bosphorus Bridge and the Marmaray Project. Ordu-Giresun Airport and other similar huge projects being carried out in Giresun, he noted, are contributing to the future of the city.


Governor Hasan Karahan informed the President that his office planted 28.000 saplings to mark President Gül’s visit to Giresun, which he reiterated is the first visit by a President to Giresun in 38 years.


President Gül, after his visit to the Governorate, chatted with families of martyrs and war veterans who were waiting for him in front of the building.


The President, as part of his program in the city of Giresun, inspected the Hazelnut Research Center in front of which he was welcomed by FISKOBIRLIK Board Chairman Lütfi Bayraktar; Mustafa Demirci of the Giresun Commodity Exchange Market and Director Gökhan Kızılcı of the Hazelnut Research Center. The President was informed about the activities of the center and picked kiwis from the trees in the garden of the center.


President Gül, afterwards, proceeded to Giresun University. Welcomed by international students upon his arrival at Güre Campus of the university, President Gül was given flowers by Hüseyin Musa, a student from Burundi. During his speech at the Rector’s office, President Gül pointed to the great efforts of business leaders and politicians in the Anatolian cities toward founding universities and underscored the role of academicians in raising the youth at universities.

The President later visited the Gendarmerie Command.


President Gül afterwards had lunch with families of martyrs, veterans, business leaders and NGO representatives. The President later greeted the participants of the lunch and chatted with the 86-year-old mother of martyred General Bahtiyar Aydın.

President Gül, during his speech prior to the lunch, referred to Giresun as a part of Heaven and evinced his pleasure at observing the great enthusiasm from the people of Giresun.

The President further shared his happiness at seeing the union and solidarity among the citizens, politicians and government officials of Giresun and pointed to huge investments and ongoing projects in the city including Ordu-Giresun Airport.


President Gül later visited the City Hall. On the way to the Municipality at Atatürk Square, the President was welcomed with jubilation by the people of Giresun. The President greeted the citizens and addressed them, offering his thanks to them for their great enthusiasm and interest. “The state officials are making tireless efforts to make you all happy through the huge projects and services. As long as we keep the union and solidarity among us and respect each other, everything will be even better.”

President Gül afterwards proceeded to the Mayor’s office where he underscored the importance of the municipality’s activities and services including the infrstructural works in the city.

Mayor Aksu informed the President about these activities.

President Gül, after completing his program in Giresun, left for Ankara.