Rize: The Capital of Tea

President Abdullah Gül paid a domestic visit to the city of Rize,

He was welcomed by Governor Nurullah Çakır, MPs, Garrison Commander Col. İsmet Cansıran, Mayor Halil Bakırcı and other officials upon his arrival in the city.

Addressing the citizens waiting him in front of the Governorate, President Gül shared his happiness to be the first President to visit Rize in 30 years. Rize’s natural beauty he declared is breathtaking and offered his thanks to the people for their enthusiasm for him. He also enjoyed performances by a local singer Ahmet Çakar and horon dancers (local folk dance).

The President later visited the Municipality of Rize, where he pointed to the significance of mayors in beautifying cities and meeting the needs of the people of these cities. You will find the state’s corroboration in your efforts in implementing your policies to make cities better in every way, he declared.

Visiting Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, named after the Prime Minister, the President after being welcomed by Rector Prof. Dr. Arif Yılmaz, signed the Book of Honor, urged the staff of the university with 3,000 students to leave their marks in the academic world, noting that the biggest treasure of a country is its population raised with quality education.

President Gül further proceeded to the town of Gündoğdu, where he visited the Cumhuriyet Tea Factory which belongs to ÇAYKUR. Informed by General Manager İmdat Sütlüoğlu about how green tea leaves are dried, the President enjoyed a glass of iced tea made from tea produced by ÇAYKUR.

After visiting the Gendarmerie Command, the President proceeded to the tea garden of ÇAYKUR Research Institute, where he chatted with women in local gowns and picked tea leaves with them.

The President, in the evening, had dinner with families of martyrs and war veterans, representatives of NGOs and other citizens, reiterated the political and economic stability and great development Turkey has enjoyed in all areas through many legal, political and economic reforms, adding that while many a European country is suffering from the financial crisis, Turkey has grown 5 times more than the most developed EU countries. “We have overcome many problems once considered taboos. We have raised our democratic and legal standards to the level of the Western democracies.”