Great Britain Exclusive

Great Britain Exclusive


President Abdullah Gül, accompanied by First Lady Hayrünnisa Gül, paid an official visit to the United Kingdom upon the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Welcoming Ceremony

Mandarin Hotel

At the Mandarin Hotel

Queen Elizabeth II and her spouse Duke Philip of Edinburgh arrived at the ceremonial ground with the national anthem of the United Kingdom. Afterwards, President Gül and the First Lady arrived in a car flying the Turkish flag through the White Hall Gate. The President was accompanied by Prince Charles of Whales.

Driving Through the White Hall Gate


The Royal family welcomed the First Couple on the platform in the ceremonial ground with the 41-gun salute in Green Park and 62-gun salute in Tower of London. After the Turkish national anthem was played, President Gül and Duke Philip of Edinburgh greeted the Royal Guard of Honor. Afterwards, the Royal Horse Carriages accompanied by the Cavalry Troop arrived at the ceremonial ground. Queen Elizabeth II and President Gül took the first carriage while Prince Philip and the First Lady got on the second carriage, during which time the Turkish national anthem was played once again.

Among the welcoming delegation at the ceremonial ground were Prime Minister David Cameron; Foreign Minister William Hague and Interior Minister Theresa May as well.

The Ceremonial Ground


Afterwards, the horse carriages proceeded to Buckingham Palace through Mall Street decorated with the flags of both countries. A large crowd of British and Turkish citizens demonstrated their enthusiasm for the Royal family and the First Couple.

The convoy of the 7 horse carriages entered the yard of Buckingham Palace while the Turkish national anthem was being played. After the British national anthem was played, the Royal family and the First Couple had a photo taken on the stairs in front of the entrance of the palace.

The Convoy of the 7 Horse Carriages