President Abdullah Gül paid a visit to the eastern province of Muş. Welcomed by Governor Ali Çınar, MPs, Garrison Commander Col. Ali Özarslan, Mayor Necmettin Dede, Gendarmerie Commander Col. Mehmet Erhan Arıkan and Chief Constable Muharrem Durmaz in front of the Governorate of Muş, President Gül greeted the citizens, enjoying the great enthusiasm of citizens who were holding flags and roses. During his speech in the office of the Governor, President Gül said the love and elation he receives from citizens in every province he visits actually demonstrate the fidelity they have for the state, sharing his pride in being the first President to visit Muş in 30 years. “A much brighter future awaits our country, but for a better future, all of us must work hand in hand and in union and solidarity.”

President Gül Drinks
Tea with Citizens

Murat Bridge
Muş Alparslan
Deputy Regiment

Proceeding to the municipality afterwards, President Gül addressed the large crowd of citizens waiting for him, during which he said Sultan Alparslan opened the gate of Anatolia for them when he captured the province of Muş and evinced his pleasure to be with them, underscoring the importance of solidarity to enjoy a brighter future once again. Pointing to the great developments and investments in all parts and provinces of Turkey, the President suggested that they leave the past’s wrongdoings and mistakes in the past and that they focus on the future, learning from these mistakes.

Afterwards, he walked to the downtown and chatted with citizens at a cafe, drinking tea with them. The President further visited the historic Murat Bridge, which was built across the Murat Stream in the 13th century during the Anatolian Seljuk era.

President Gül, as part of his program in Muş, visited the 49th Motorized Infantry Deputy Regiment Command and Alparslan University, where he was welcomed by Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat İnanç. Laying the ground of the Congress and Cultural Center, the President chatted with students and attended a ceremony of sapling planting.

The President, in the evening, met with leading citizens, families of martyrs and war veterans as well as with representatives of NGOs during dinner and referred to the great development he recognized in Muş, which he said made him very happy indeed. “All of the four corners of the country belong to us all and we should cherish our land! We will enjoy a robust union and the highest democratic standards in the unitary structure of our country. These days, we witness great efforts to overcome our biggest problem in this regard and I hope we will succeed. For this to happen, we all must lend our affirmative contribution to these efforts. We should love and respect one another. I have always reiterated thusly and am underscoring again that we will see much better developments in this regard.”