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First Turkish Presidential Visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo

Drawing attention to Turkey’s technical and humanitarian aid to Africa through TİKA without waiting anything in return, President Gül declared Turkey to be the voice of Africa in both the international institutions and the UN.

President Gül met with Turkish businessmen accompanying him on his visit and those conducting business in the Congo.

President Visiting Safak Turkish School

Official Welcoming Ceremony and Meeting with President Kabila

Business Forum and Meeting with Businessmen

President’s Guests and Visits in the Congo

President Walking along the Congo River


Maintaining that Turkey’s humanitarian aid to Africa reached over 1 billion dollars, President Gül claimed: “A great country is one that not only has a strong economy and army but also helps others in the name of humanity.”

“Turkey has been carrying out its humanitarian aid to Africa through the state and its NGOs without waiting for anything in return. The stage Turkey has reached should make us all proud considering that we were once a country waiting for help.” noted the President.


President Gül further stressed that the past relations between Europe and Africa were based upon colonialism but Turkey, he underlined, is acting out of a humanitarian spirit within the continent. “Because Turkey has no colonial past in its history, Turkish-African relations have always been intimate. We come to this continent with pride. Turkey is cherished and respected here.” he commented.


On the second day of his visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo, President Gül received the DRC FM, Alexis Thambue Muwamba at the hotel where he is staying. President Gül was later welcomed by the DRC President, Joseph Kabila with an official ceremony at the Presidential Palace.

Following their respective national anthems, the two Presidents had a tete-a-tete. Afterwards, they chaired the talks between their delegations during which a Memorandum of Understanding on Establishing a Political Consultation Mechanism was signed between the Foreign Ministries of Turkey and the DRC.

At the joint press conference, President Gül recalled that his visit was the first Presidential visit by Turkey to the DRC and hoped that a new chapter would be realized in the bilateral relations between the two countries, conveying the Turkish nation’s good will to the DRC.

First Business Forum in the DCR is with Turkey.

President Abdullah Gül attended the Turkey - DCR Business Forum Meeting along with the DCR PM Adolphe Muzito.

“The gap between the North and the South cannot last forever. It is not acceptable that the North remains rich, while the South, despite having vast sources, suffers from deficiencies,” said the President, President Gul remembered that he had continually reiterated Turkey’s responsibilities in assisting with Africa’s problems.


Visiting Safak Turkish School in the capital, Kinshasa, President Gül stressed Turkey’s will to develop Turkish-Congolese relations at all levels, President Gül mentioned the cooperation in education between the two as one of the most important stages.

President Gül received both the Speaker of the Senate, Kengo Wa Dondo and the Speaker of Parliament, Broshabe Evariste at the Parliament after having visited Safak Turkish School.

He later took a walk along the Congo River and then he received the Eastern Kasai Governor, Ngoy Kasanji at the hotel where he was staying.

He later attended a dinner gien by his Congolese counterpart.

Afterwards, President Gül met with Turkish expatriates residing in the Congo and he listened to their concerns. Attending the meeting were the members of the Turkish Security Forces in the UN Mission in the DCR.

President Gül later left the Democratic Republic of Congo for Cameroon.