Gül Addresses Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Delivering an address at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs entitled ‘Turkey’s Economic and Political Priorities’, President Gül said despite the economic crisis engulfing entire Europe, Turkey has been able to stand out as the second fastest growing economy in the world right after China and pointed to the fact that Turkey provides an added value to the international community, reiterating: “We viewed our unique ties with a vast number of peoples as a strategic asset providing us with historical, cultural and conceptual depth in all directions.”

Gül Tells of Leadership at Stanford University

Delivering an address at Stanford University entitled‘ Leading Change by Reform, Commitment and Innovation: Reflections on Leadership’, President Gül, declared that, as a result of many reforms, Turkey today is more pluralistic, inclusive and tolerant than ever before, adding: “We are also aware that there is room for further improvement in the field of personal freedoms. As such, we are under no such illusion that our task in improving our democracy is over.”