The First Lady's Address to Wives of Ambassadors

Yazdır Paylaş Yazıları Büyült Yazıları Küçült
The First Lady's Address to Wives of Ambassadors

Honorable Ladies,

First of all, I would like to express my great pleasure to get together with you on this occasion in the new year. 

In these days, during which we have a few days of spring as a break from the cold winter, I would like to extend my thanks to you for your kind participation, which has brought the spring wind to our hearths; Welcome you all.

In 2012, our world became the stage of many crises and pains. Thousands of people died in Syria, in front of the very eyes of the whole world.  Palestinian children died under bombardments, while their peers in Africa became victims of hunger and suffering from the lack of medicine. The violence of terrorism aiming at civilians and devoted mothers sometimes even attacked preschools and primary schools, terrifying little innocent children who are unaware of anything at all.

All these pains hurt us too, wherever they take place. We prayed “Hopefully, this will be the last” every time. But alas, most of these tragedies are continuing this year.

Dear Ladies,

It is no doubt that women and children are the ones who are affected the most by economic crises, disasters and wars.

It is a fact that today women in many parts of the world cannot benefit from health, employment, social security and educational opportunities which they deserve nor can they contribute to the production of their country, so eventually they cannot get an equal share of the pie.

Yet, women as mothers are the ones who can shape the next generations and therefore all of the community. Peaceful and developed societies can only be achieved through strong and happy women.

This is why the empowerment of women is one of the most important subjects as part of “the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations” and has an important place on the agenda of countries.

Distinguished Guests,

In parallel with the progress in all areas in Turkey, important steps have been taken in recent years to strengthen the disadvantaged segments of the society like women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Through these measures, Turkish women have become considerably more active in social life. The number of our productive and working women is increasing each year. It is a pleasure for us that we have successful women in every area.

Diplomacy is one of these fields. The great increase of the number of women with diplomatic careers in recent years is a pride for us.  

 22 women ambassadors, one of whom is Deputy Undersecretary and 629 women carrier officer diplomats in total serve at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I believe that this ratio which corresponds to approximately one-third of all career officers serving at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will increase in the coming years and that women’s hand touching diplomacy with the dedicated efforts of their husbands will become more powerful.

Dear Ladies,

Every year is a new beginning. We have welcomed 2013 with “refreshed hopes” in our hearts that the future will be better than the past and with sincere wishes and prayers we repeat tirelessly for all people around the world.  I hope our wishes come true and I wish that our world will be freer, more tolerant, more equitable, more barrier-free and more peaceful for everyone.

To conclude, I hope 2013 brings goodness and every blessing to you and your families, and I would like to thank you all once again for your valuable participations.

Enjoy your meal.

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