Message on Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza

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The whole month of holy Ramadan passed with painful events in Palestine, from a humanitarian perspective as well as with respect to regional peace.

I have learnt with pleasure that UN Secretary-General Ban ki Moon and US Secretary of State John Kerry have provided a 72-hour unconditional humanitarian ceasefire. It is important that the parties to the conflict have given their consent for this ceasefire, which started 8 am today.

However modest, this development, to which Turkey also contributed, is a critical step, a beginning. I invite all the parties to use this occasion for good. It is our expectation that the parties act in accordance with the spirit and terms of this agreement and prevent provocative acts.

Most naturally, the priority will be for the Palestinian nation to lay to rest their martyrs, to treat the wounded, and to provide the basic needs of the people. Turkey is doing her best for providing humanitarian aid, and will continue doing so.

With this decision of ceasefire comes the feasible possibility of extending this ceasefire and making it permanent. ?It is also a very positive development that the parties will immediately start negotiations in Cairo to this end.

?It is our sincere wish that the negotiations starting in Cairo are concluded successfully and are followed by further meetings for a sustainable and just peace.

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