The Statement of President Abdullah Gul on TheToccasion of The 3-Day “National Mourning” for The Victims of Gaza

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The statement of President Abdullah Gul on the occasion of the 3-day “National Mourning” for the victims of Gaza is presented below:

“Turkey joins the 3-day National Mourning declared by the Palestinian Administration yesterday for the victims of the Gaza tragedy. I hereby once again deliver my condolences to the Palestinian nation; wish Allah’s blessing for those who lost their lives, and fast recovery to the thousands of wounded.

This suffering and massacre, to which the Palestinian nation is subjected without discriminating women and children, is deeply disturbing the conscience of Turkey, as well as the peoples of the world.

Our wish is that this pain stops as soon as possible and never repeats. Yet, the events of today should not make us forget one important fact: The Palestinian nation is under occupation and suppression for more than 60 years. The number of the Palestinian victims is more than tens of thousands. The latest Israeli aggression is only the last part of numerous former brutal attacks. The irresponsible and unconcerned attitude of the Israeli government shows us that this aggression will not be the last, which already is not the first.

It is very clear that these human tragedies will continue unless the security and freedom of the Palestinian nation is guaranteed and unless the the Israeli occupation irrevocably ends.

I therefore call on the parties to this conflict to work for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and to start a new and comprehensive initiative for a sustainable and fair peace deal.

Otherwise, this process will harm everyone. As I continuously pointed out in the past, there will be no winner of it. The world peace and global stability will continue to be affected from this very process. The seeds of hatred and grudge among peoples will grow bigger.

I once again invite the related states and international organizations to relieve themselves from short-term, narrow-minded calculations, and to mobilize the necessary political mechanisms, dialogue and diplomacy for the peace and security of all, without any further delay.”

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