President Gül’s Message on Eid Al-Adha

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Below is H.E. President Abdullah Gül’s Message on Eid Al-Adha

“My fellow citizens,

We are very happy and excited to welcome together Eid Al-Adha (Kurban Bayramı), which provides a spiritual atmosphere and which binds us together with common feelings.

I hope that the very moral values which this eid brings and the warm and sincere feelings, which integrate us all, will surround and hold together all segments of our society and that these holy days will consolidate further our union and solidarity.

I wish that Eid Al-Adha will bring every blessing for our people and both the Turkic and Islamic world, that the ongoing agonies and sorrows in the whole world including in our nearby geography will end and that peace and welfare pervade in Turkey and in the world. I also wish that everyone will enjoy Eid Al-Adha in peace and happiness with their beloved ones. With these feelings, I celebrate your Eid Al-Adha.

Foundation stones of our social life, our religious festivals, while enabling us to feel such values as love, affection, amity and peace intensively, remind us the virtues of humanity. I wholeheartedly believe that our citizens, being aware of the importance of such festivals, will prioritize helping one another and sharing and that they will protect those in need.

My dear citizens,

Our beautiful country, since it was founded, has resolutely made efforts to reach the level of the modern civilizations, to raise the prosperity level of our citizens and to make the living standards of the most advanced countries pervade in all parts of life. The achievements of our country, as I have mentioned on several occasions, are mesmerizing indeed. It is not coincidental at all that Turkey has become a center of attraction globally and is regarded as a rising country today.

Turkey is looking to the future with great self confidence and hope. The progress of peace, democracy and economy hand in hand in an understanding that they will complement each other and the continuation of the reform process with determination will pave the way for a development as a whole, consolidate our union and solidarity and bring our country closer to its aims.

Gaining strength from this union and solidarity among our people, we are bravely addressing all the problems which could be obstacles in the way of our country. What is important is to spend our energy according to the expectations of our people. We have very important advantages including the necessary will,  opportunities and political stability among others to resolve our problems together. All we need is to understand each other, respect the differences among us, protect our union and solidarity under every condition and have full trust in ourselves, our nation and our state. I truly believe that this huge strength and potential will carry Turkey onward.

With this understanding, I once again celebrate Eid Al-Adha of our citizens and the whole Islamic world. I hereby remember all our martyrs with respect and gratitude and send my best wishes to our war veterans. I send my love to our children, who are our future. I wish that our citizens who are making pilgrimage come home safe and sound and finally, I am asking everyone to drive carefully.

I greet you all with my sincere feelings.”


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