737th Anniversary of Mevlana's Reunion

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President Abdullah Gül's message to the Governor of Konya, Aydın Nezih Doğan, on the international celebration of the 737th Anniversary of Mevlana's Reunion:

“We remember the august memory of Mevlana, the great Turkish-Islamic mystic, poet and thinker with our tribute on the 737th anniversary of his reunion.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi spread significant messages to the whole world with his philosophy that embraces all people regardless of their religion, language or ethnicity and with his ideas based upon tolerance.

In this respect, Mevlana’s messages have spread not only throughout the Islamic world but also throughout the whole world, thus deeply affecting masses of people. One of its most tangible demonstrations is that his immortal work, Masnavi, has been translated into a number of languages.

Mevlana laid the foundations of his philosophy which combines peace and fraternity with his approach based upon humanity and affection, unifying knowledge and spirituality and integrating differences.

In a world full of clashes and violence, we need now more than ever the constructive and unifying messages of spiritual leaders like Mevlana which build bridges between people.

The world longing for peace also needs Mevlana’s all-embracing messages now more than ever.

I believe that the commemoration ceremonies held every year which bring together a number of people from different cultures and countries around the world have a great mission in this respect.

Being aware of the importance of having as an asset like Mevlana, we should continue to make efforts so that our children and youth can learn and understand his traits, ideas and spiritual world better and so that they can tell all of humanity about them.

I hereby remember Mevlana on the 737th anniversary of his reunion with love and respect and extend my good wishes to all participating in the commemoration ceremonies.”


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