H.E. Abdullah Gül's Message on the Festival of Sacrifice

Yazdır Paylaş Yazıları Büyült Yazıları Küçült

H.E. President Abdullah Gül’s message on the occasion of the Festival of Sacrifice is below:


“My fellow citizens,

We are happy to experience another Festival of Sacrifice. I hereby celebrate the Festival of Sacrifice of my all citizens in and out of the country and hope that this festival brings every blessing and measure of goodness to the whole of the Muslim world and humanity.

Festivals, as you know, are the days when solidarity and joy are experienced best. We have gathered together on this soil for a thousand years through festivals and strengthened our moral values. Festivals have played such a significant role. Today, we, as citizens of the Republic of Turkey, are all exultant in this Feast of Sacrifice as well. Let us not forget that we are children of a great country, each corner of which is equally rich and colorful and again, each corner of which has its own reality. All of these should be considered to be the very essence of the richness of this land. We should all have this very understanding of feeling this richness by being in solidarity.

Of course, big countries may have problems which can be either political, economic or social ones, but we will settle all of these problems through dialogue and discussion. Let us not forget this: We must love and respect one another. This affection will start from the family and continue with friendship between individuals and love for the land and country. The more importance we attach to these issues, the more often we will have a positive agenda in mind.

My fellow citizens,

I am sure that Turkey’s problems will be resolved. Turkey has become the source of inspiration for all her neighbors. Its economic development, democratic improvement, its vibrant cultural life and its pluralism are all closely followed in the East and the West with great appreciation and some of them ask themselves: “Turkey can achieve all these, so why we would not do the same?” Sometimes, we may not realize how our child has grown. Nevertheless, Turkey is going through a huge transformation process. There can be problems during this process. We should consider these to result from developing and we also should be more hopeful and optimistic about the future for which everyone should do his best. I am sharing my thoughts about these with you on the occasion of this festival and I am sure that you all agree with me. I also believe that all the authorities in the country will make more efforts toward this.

My fellow citizens,

Festivals are of course joy inspiring days, but unfortunately when people act carelessly, these happy days sometimes turn out to be the days of agony. I am talking about traffic accidents. Our highways have been transformed into wide double lane highways, which pleases us very much. However, we will go through tragic experiences if we do not conform to the traffic rules. You all must know that we are obliged to obey these rules. I am clearly saying: I myself wear my seatbelt even while sitting in the back seat and even during traveling within the city and while going to and from the airport. I advise everyone to do the same. Do not drive above the speed limit as even a small carelessness can lead to tragic events. I hope in this long holiday no traffic accidents occur.”

I would like to mention one last thing: During the Festival of Sacrifice, some of our Muslim citizens do the pilgrimage. I hereby celebrate their holy duty and hope they will return to the country safe and sound. I once again celebrate the Festival of Sacrifice of all our citizens and wish them joyful days, extending my goodwill to you all.”

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