“A brighter future is awaiting Turkey”

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“A brighter future is awaiting Turkey”


President Abdullah Gül, whose term in office is to end on August 28, hosted a farewell reception at the Çankaya Presidential Palace where he met with a number of guests from all segments of life including business leaders, authors, artists, press members, athletes and NGO representatives.

President Abdullah Gül, whose term in office is to end on August 28, hosted a farewell reception for business leaders, authors, artists, press members, athletes and NGO representatives at the Çankaya Presidential Palace.

Below is President Gül’s speech:

“Distinguished guests and my dear friends,

I would like to welcome you all on the First Lady’s and my behalf.

As you know, my term in office as the 11th President of the Republic of Turkey will end on August 28. We are glad to be with you on this occasion. I feel lucky and happy indeed, as Turkey, during my term in office, has made important progress in all areas – from the services of municipalities and the economy to arts, culture, science and sports. We have accomplished much in these fields, which has made us all proud. We have achieved these together. I would like to offer my thanks to you all, knowing that the prosperity we have reached lies in the contributions of our laborers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, business leaders, merchants, farmers and others.

I have always been proud of the creativeness and the awards of our artists, scientists and researchers. I have tried to be the first to call our athletes to congratulate on their achievements in international sports activities. I have also taken pride in the services of our municipalities. I have followed and appreciated the courage of the press members. As NGOs, you have made great contirbutions to these achievements indeed. We have witnessed a close cooperation among different religions and faiths living in peace in our country.

Distinguished guests,

I have opened my door to all, affirmatively responding to your interest. My office has welcomed and listened to concerns of all the representatives of unions and professional organizations. Thousands of business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors have accompanied me on my state visits. We have discovered new markets, representing our country in the best way abroad. We have achieved these all together.

I have visited all the 81 cities across the country, never discriminating among our municipalities. My door has always been open for all no matter what beliefs, sects or ethnicities they follow.

During the first speech I delivered as President, I promised that I would always take activities in arts, culture and science under my aegis. I have kept my promise indeed. The ceremonies for the Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awards have been resumed. I have taken under my patronage the restoration works on the objects and areas considered among the world cultural heritage. Great studies have been carried out under the First Lady’s aegis for the cultural works and objects at the Çankaya Presidential Palace.

I have hosted ceremonies for the TUBITAK awards to scholars at the Çankaya Presidential Palace so as to demonstrate where our interest and appreciation should be focused on and I have always been proud of the achievements of our scientists. I have enjoyed a robust dialogue with universities and think-tanks and I have always encouraged our universities during my domestic visits.

I have also been open and sincere to the press members and I have never avoided pointing to wrongdoings during my statements. I have become the first President to use the social media. I think there are many followers among you on the social media. The First Lady and I have led many social responsibility projects.

I have resumed the tradition of the Çankaya Table meetings during which I have met with distinguished scholars and young people with whom we have discussed the country’s problems and solutions to them.

I have no doubt that Turkey will go forward further in all these areas in the future and I’m confident that a brigter future is awaiting Turkey. In this vein, the First Lady and I would like to bid farewell to you all. I wish you all success.

Thank you.

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