President Gül Hosts Reception for Presidential Reporters

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President Gül Hosts Reception for Presidential Reporters


Receiving the Presidential reporters during a reception he hosted in their honor at the Çankaya Presidential Palace, President Gül bid farewell to them, as his term in office will end on August 28 and pointed to the presidential election held yesterday, saying: “Last night, I congratulated Prime Minister Erdoğan on being elected as the 12th president at the end of the election. I wish him success during his term in office.”

President Abdullah Gül hosted a reception for the Presidential reporters at the Çankaya Presidential Palace.


Recalling that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been elected the 12th president of the country, President Gül said he had congratulated him on his success in the election, wishing him accomplishment during his term in office. The President further offered his thanks to the Presidential reporters who he said have covered the news and activities during his term in office and shared his pride in the level Turkey has reached today. I feel as honorable today as I was at the time when I took office 7 years ago, he added. “Our party, Justice and Development Party (AKP), has raised two presidents in 7 years during which Turkey has changed in a better way. During the process in which I was elected president, problems which did not befit democracy and the law at all were created. Therefore, we had to make a decision toward holding an early parliamentary election at the end of which the people demonstrated how the next president would be elected. All of us have deficiencies that we should overcome as a matter of fact, but I, during my term in office, have put aside my political identity and tried to be at an equal distance to all parties, embracing everyone and opening my door to all. As President, I have visited all the 81 cities and demonstrated that every part of the country belongs to us all.”


President Gül, noting that he will continue to serve the nation in the future as well,  pointed out that he will remain as president until the handover ceremony to be held on August 28 and declared that “I will return to my party after my term in office has ended, which is natural of course. I believe that Turkey will continue on its path in a stronger way. I by nature do not get stuck in the past and do look to the future. I have always made great efforts toward the resolution of problems. We all should act in the same way indeed, as a brighter future is awaiting us.”

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