“The Turkish side is doing its part so that a fair, permanent and comprehensive resolution can be achieved in Cyprus”

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“The Turkish side is doing its part so that a fair, permanent and comprehensive resolution can be achieved in Cyprus”

President Abdullah Gül held a joint press conference with President Derviş Eroğlu of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC). President Gül, pointing to the sincere approach of the Turkish side toward the resolution of the Cyprus issue, declared that “Turkey will always stand by the Turkish Cypriots and lend its support to their security and development. Turkey will also continue to do its part sensitively in terms of the establishment of peace and stability in the island.”

President Abdullah Gül held a joint press conference with President Derviş Eroğlu of KKTC.


President Gül, informing his audience that he had conducted fruitful talks with President Eroğlu, noted that they discussed the level the negotiation process has reached and the bilateral relations between Turkey and KKTC. The Turkish side is doing its part so that a fair, permanent and comprehensive resolution can be achieved in Cyprus and this is also appreciated and recognized by the international community, declared the President, saying: “It is among Turkey’s priorities in its foreign policy that the Cyprus issue which has remained unsolved for 51 years must reach a resolution. It is saddening indeed that this issue existing in the middle of the Mediterranean has not been settled yet.”

Turkey, he said, maintains its approach toward a fair and comprehensive resolution in this issue and noted that Turkey supports KKTC’s efforts for such a resolution. There are many affirmative factors for the negotiation process, which was resumed on February 11, to be concluded successfully this time, he added. He then pointed out that their aim, as put forward by President Eroğlu, is “to hold simultaneous referenda and to implement the vision of a new common state in the island.” This time, he said, an opportunity like this should not be missed.


The President further suggested that the negotiations be concluded successfully according to an established schedule, as he said, previous open-ended negotiations have missed this opportunity. “A comprehensive political resolution that can be achieved through negotiations and mutual conciliation will serve both countries and the whole region. The recent tragic events occuring in and around the Eastern Mediterranean necessitate that the Cyprus issue should be settled without further delay. Such a resolution will make the Eastern Mediterranean an island of peace, stability and cooperation, creating a great synergy and opportunities not only for the island, but also for the whole region in many areas ranging from the economy to security.”

Declaring that Turkey will continue to support their common national cause, President Gül maintained that everyone should be sure of the sincere approach of the Turkish side toward the resolution of the Cyprus issue. This, he recalled, was demonstrated with the stance of the Turkish Cypriots to the referendum held in 2004, when they sincerely said “yes” to a resolution. However, he said, the current situation in the island cannot continue forever as it is, but he noted if it is necessary, they will accept it.

Both Turkey as a guarantor state and the Turkish Cypriots want an agreement which will guarantee the equal status of the Turkish Cypriots, who are the co-owner of the island. They also want a resolution as part of the UN which is based on two founding equal states with equal position. “If an agreement on a resolution based on commonality cannot be reached, it is possible to negotiate other resolution options.”


President Gül further declared that Turkey as the motherland and guarantor of the Turkish Cypriots will not allow them to be made a minority in a Greek State of Cyprus, adding: “Turkey will always stand by and lend its support to the security and development of the Turkish Cypriots. Turkey will also continue to do its part sensitively in terms of the establishment of peace and stability in the island. The Turkish Cypriots, as long as they maintain their economic and political stability and union and solidarity, will be able to make great progress each year. They will find Turkey right beside them in this regard as well. Our siblings in KKTC should look to the future with confidence. The Republic of Turkey will continue to fulfill its contractual and historic responsibilities in terms of the protection of the freedom, rights and prosperity of the Turkish Cypriots in the future as well.”

Informing his audience that he has always been interested in the Cyprus issue, President Gül said that during the 1990s, he was responsible for Cyprus in the cabinet and that as Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, he was interested in the Cyprus issue more closely. “As President of the Republic of Turkey, I have exerted my experience for the sake of the establishment of peace and permanent security and so that KKTC can enjoy a functioning democracy, robust economy and prestige. My support for our Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters will continue.”

Afterwards, President Gül and President Eroğlu responded to questions from the press.

When asked what he could say about how the deteriorating relations between Turkey and Israel might have influenced any resolution scenarios regarding the Cyprus issue, President Gül said that Israel is not a party to this issue, maintaining: “We wholheartedly wish that a permanent peace be established in the Middle East. We cannot ignore the recent tragedy and agonies in the region. Turkey is doing everything it can in order that a ceasefire can be established there.”


Pointing to the importance of the establishment of peace in the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus, President Gül reiterated that “if peace can be established in the Eastern Mediterranean and if a permanent conciliation can be achieved in the island, the most viable project to transfer the energy resources of the Eastern Mediterranean to the world is through Turkey. Therefore, the establishment of permanent peace in Cyprus will make greate contributions not only to the Turkish and Greek Cypriots, but also to the prosperity and other affirmative developments in the whole region.”

The President further reiterated that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to KKTC was of great importance and noted that he appreciates the U.S.’ affirmative contributions to the negotiation process in Cyprus. He also underscored that President Eroğlu of KKTC has come up with a road map and expressed his hope that within the parameters of the UN, a conciliation can be achieved through mutual interests by establishing peace without making accusations against anyone.

The President continued as follows: “No one would want this 50-year-long conflict to continue for another 5 decades. Therefore, if it turns out that such a tactic is being implemented, a resolution is possible to achieve within international law and the international community. The Israeli assaults on Gaza are condemned by us all and we all want Israel to end these attacks. We support a two-state resolution there as well. We have made tireless efforts toward this, but the brutalities and massacres Irsael has committed in Palestine endanger this vision. The world must realize this indeed.”

The Cyprus issue, the President said, is one of the most contraversial matters of the international community and suggested being realistic about this issue. “Today, there is no clash in the island according to the ceasefire law, but there is not an agreement either. How could it be possible?  The permanent members of the UN Security Council and other big states will realize this. In 2004, they and the EU did indeed and lent their support to the UN plan then. I hope that a similar conjuncture occurs and a satisfactory level is reached in this regard and that the two sides can also reach concilation. If any blank spots emerge, they can take them to the UN and simultaneous referenda are held in both countries.”

The President further accentuated that Turkey and KKTC agree on all issues and shared his happiness about the fact that cross visits are being paid between the two countries and the guarantor states. Therefore, he said, these are all good and constructive steps in the right direction.

President Gül, as part of his program in KKTC, met with KKTC Parliament Speaker Sibel Siber at the residence of the Turkish Ambassador to Lefkoşa. The President also received the negotiator of the Turkish side, Kudret Özersay.




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